Thursday, April 16, 2015

Triathlon time!

I've been training to run another triathlon the past few months. My race is schedule for May 9th. It is a 5K run, 17 mile bike, and 1/2 mile swim.

But I got wind of another race THIS Sunday and have decided to participate. It is shorter than my May 9th race, and I feel like it will be good practice for the bigger event.

No big surprise, I am fighting feet injury. My body just doesn't handle a lot of running well. JB is telling me to watch it as it appears I have some achilles tendonitis setting in. So I'm cutting back on my running and really focusing on the biking and swimming for a bit.

I'm really excited to get to do TWO races. Once we get to the farm, training for the swim portion will be very difficult so this is definitely the last time I will get to do this for quite some time.

Can't wait!

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