Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wee-wind Wednesday

Today I reflect back to the day Hannah was born -- September 4, 2013. Here are two videos of Abigail meeting her little sister for the first time.

My boys never really met each other or had a moment where the younger could finally play with the older. They were basically raised like twins and the dynamic was very different.

But suddenly, in the last few weeks, these sisters are playing together, and it is a sight to behold!

Abigail got them both a dress, and Hannah is holding her "phone" (anything can be a phone!)

I'm constantly in awe that I have the amazing privilege to have two boys to play together and now two girls to do the same. Abigail still plays with her brothers A LOT. She and Sidge will often break into a bout of pretend house or Wild Kratts. But all of a sudden, these two little girls are interacting.

And it is so much fun to witness.

Hard to believe that that tiny little baby is now a little girl old enough to interact with her big sister.

I've never had a sister. 

Let the games begin.

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Emily said...

They're so cute! Having a sister is one of the most wonderful blessings!