Saturday, April 04, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Our forever house

Now that we have purchased our "forever home" it's fun to start coming up with ideas that might be more permanent and not so temporary in nature. I am really having to adjust my thinking from, "I wonder if I could make that work?" to "How could I make that work?" My ideas don't have to revolve around getting a house livable quickly without spending too much time or money on something that we will only be in for two years. Now I can thing big picture! I'm really enjoying thinking about ways that we can make this house work for us.

I thought this idea (above) was really fun!

While our new house appears very large from photos, it will actually be the smallest house we have lived in since we first brought the boys home to Eglin AFB. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house with just one living area, a very tiny laundry room, and no basement. The kitchen is a bit smaller than we would like as well. However, it does have a formal dining area as well as an eat-in kitchen. We will be using the formal dining room for a school room for the time being. 

But we have some big plans for the house which include transitioning the vaulted lower living room into a second room upstairs that can become the homeschool room. The homeschool room now will hopefully make us a bigger kitchen. And we also want to add a mud room since the entry door to the house goes right into the kitchen. 

It is exciting to think of all the possibilities that we can take our time in achieving. 

Settling down is really fun!


TAV said...

I am not a homeowner yet but am addicted to the home-renovation shows on HGTV! Can't wait to 'make a place our own' sometime!

Mattie said...

It really is great to own a home that you plan on staying in forever. It really motivated me to remodel the house and make it into something that was perfect for us. I, too, had too small of a kitchen and since that's the room that we use the most I expanded it into something that is the perfect size for my family.