Monday, April 13, 2015

Legitimately Defeated

She may be home sick, but she still had her game face on.

Today we were supposed to meet my friend Stebbs and her two boys at a science center halfway between our homes. (We live four hours apart.) This is the fourth time we have tried to schedule this, and the fourth time it had to be cancelled. Two were for the ice storm that barreled through Tennessee a few weeks back. The third time was a conflict at Stebbs house. And then last night, Abigail busts out with a fever. Ugh!

But that meant a schedule-free day at our house. Lotsa time for games and reading. 

Today I was flat out, legitimately defeated in Princess Matching by Abigail 19-17. I gave her one freebie early on and then realized I shouldn't have done that. I played as hard as I could from that point onward and could NOT catch up to her. Seriously! Trying hard

This means WAR!

Here is a video of her talking all about her defeat of me:

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