Monday, April 13, 2015

We Bought a Farm: A Different View

This might be my new favorite view of our farm. And what is so amazing to me is that I didn't know this view existed!

It's hard to explain to someone how big 100 acres is. For example, when I tell my friend Kristi who lives in New Mexico and grew up on a 25,000 acre ranch that we bought 100 acres, she thinks I sneezed. However, when I tell most people around here that we bought a farm and then they ask me how big it is and I say 100 acres, they think that we are having some sort of allergic attack with all that sneezing.

Are you following me here?

When you are on the farm, it feels both very small and very large all rolled into one. You look out the window of the farm house and you can almost see the end of our property in all directions. And when you can do that you think, This isn't all that big.

But then you get out of the farmhouse and start walking and you realize, this is a really far walk! 

You start to head up to the ridge line, and you quickly realize how little of it you can see from the bottom.

Or your husband comes back from checking out some trees (as he was doing when he snapped this picture) and he takes a photo of your land from a viewpoint you have never seen before. A whole new angle and a whole new way to take in God's greenery.

JB also discovered a road leading up to the top of the ridge that we never knew was there. That was equally exciting. New things all the time. Enough space to be surprised by things but not enough space to truly get lost

For us, it is perfect. 

Six weeks to go!

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