Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good friends

Little siblings

Big brothers

I stole these photos from Joia's blog. I did take a few pics with my camera, but it is a lot easier to just post these instead of getting the pics downloaded from my camera. The easy way is my favorite way right now!

Anyways, Philip and Joia stopped by for a visit yesterday with their two cuties: Keenan & Moriah. We are so blessed by all the great friends and family who have loved, supported, encouraged, and helped us during the last two and a half weeks. Matt, Tiff & William came by on Sunday evening. We also had a meal provided by people from our awesome church, every other night during the last two weeks bringing a lot of visitors as well. My MOPS group will be providing meals Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the next two weeks also. What a blessing!

I managed a lunch out with JB, his parents, and our two boys yesterday. We wanted to eat at Beachwalk, my favorite restaurant, only to discover that it is gone!! Ugh! So we ended up doing the Bluepointe Fishclub instead. It was a nice afternoon, but it wiped me out. Isaac is now eating little pieces of our meals which is way fun.

Sidenote: Why of why is Scrubs obsessed with pacifiers? Between him and Isaac, poor Elijah will never get to use the thing,

Today, Bobbie is going to be hanging out with me after Dad & Mom K. leave and until Joan gets in. How awesome is that? I think I adequately prepared Joanie for the craziness that she is about to step into! Well I hope I did. ;) Joan is a picture-taking machine so I'm sure you'll get lots of visuals during the next week.


Anonymous said...

Is Beachwalk the restaurant that we went to for lunch?

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

YES!!!! Can you believe it???

Anonymous said...

oh no! that was AWESOME! the food and the view was spectacular. that is too bad.

Amy T. S. said...

It's funny to look at Isaac and think big brother." When you first saw Isaac and Elijah together did you think Isaac looked HUGE? Erik looked like a giant comparatively.