Thursday, February 19, 2009

Easy Smeesy

We are home. Actually, we've been home for almost an hour. What a wonderful, peaceful, perfect morning.

Isaac is now in his crib taking a post-surgery snooze. He was definitely the most popular patient on the surgery floor that this morning -- giving out lots of smiles and babbles and happiness out to anyone who stopped by to see him. We stayed with him from 6:00 until about 7:15 at which point they took him back to get things started. I thought I would be emotional watching him walk away, but I really felt at peace and didn't even cry a little bit.

By 8:00am, Dr. D. was in the waiting room telling us how wonderfully everything went. Apparently the cartilage did go down into his head in two long roots. He said this cartilage would have continued to grow until Isaac was a young adult so removing it was definitely something we needed to have done.

We were then brought back to the recovery area where one of the nurses was rocking our little guy as he woke up. He saw the bottle I had and grabbed for that immediately, and I was able to sit in the rocker and feed him until he decided he would rather be sitting with Daddy on the bed. Daddy and Isaac rode the bed back to the discharge area where a few signatures (and our first Popsicle!) later, and we were on our way back home.

Speaking of home, Joan held down the fort without a problem. Elijah took the bottle like a champ and was just getting ready to eat again when we got home. Scrubs was equally well-behaved. He's been a little frisky the last few days with all the visitors and babies everywhere.

It is now nearly 10am. JB is at the grocery store, Joan is walking Scrubs, and I am in charge of the two sleeping babes until one of them gets home. They each have a cell phone on them in case Isaac wakes up before one of them get back. Since I can't lift Isaac, I'm still dependent on help to get him out of his crib.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for our little man this morning. Everything went incredibly smooth, and I know God was present in every facet of our day. I was so blessed to be able to be there and not be worrying about Elijah at the same time.

I'll close with a video from last night. Elijah's belly button stump fell off so it was time for our first bath. I think this video pretty adequately illustrates the energy level in our house as of late:


June said...

So glad to hear the surgery was easy smeesy! Can't believe how tiny Elijah is, too. Hey, we have the same yellow vibrating chair! :)

Jess said...

Excellent news about the surgery going so well!!

LOL at your video!! Hahahaha, it'll only get crazier! :D

Amy T. S. said...

So THAT'S what that long washcloth is for! We have one of those and I've never figured that out.

A hated baths reclining. If you sat him up he was fine. E loved baths, however he could get it. Now they love love bath time together.

Unknown said...

its so nice to hear your voices. :)

Praise God for a smooth surgery and recovery.

And just so you know, we used the bath time to get the group out before bed. :)

Anonymous said...

look at that husband of yours wash hair! i think he may have missed his calling ;)