Thursday, February 26, 2009

Come and Gone

We said good bye this morning to our great friends Dave & Lesley. They are headed back to their real lives in good ol' Rochester. Tara and her boyfriend Shomir are coming in a week from today followed by my Mom.

This week and next week, JB is on a "paternity / research" block. He is working on a research project but can do that from home. He also has to go into the clinic to see patients and return T-cons (calls from patients). This next week, before Tara and Shomir come in, should give us the opportunity to just live as a family. It will also allow me to start practicing for when I am home all day with both babies by myself.

I appreciate all the encouragement from so many of you that I can do this. I totally know I can. It is difficult to explain, but when your body doesn't feel good, it is hard to imagine that it will ever feel good. You start thinking that you will always be operating at a lesser degree. As a result, I end up trying to picture me taking care of two babies forever, feeling below average. Each day that I wake up feeling healthier, I am more encouraged and reminded that eventually, I will be feeling myself again. At full steam, I know I will have a completely different outlook on the journey ahead of us.

I have soooo many pictures from Joan's visit that I still want to post on the blog. I'll keep posting a few here and there. She took some great shots!

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said... are AWESOME!
I pray that you continue to have mornings where you feel better and better!
YOU CAN DO THIS...Phil. 4:13!
Love you