Friday, March 18, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Stitches on Himself

I'd like to tell you that our first real farm injury here at Bauernhof Kitsteiner would be something very farm-like. But in fact, it was JB showing Grama, Grampa, and me how to properly quarter of our broiler chickens in the kitchen. He was trying to talk and slice and he inadvertently sliced his own finger.

He was hoping he could just get by with gluing it, but he said it was really too deep for that. Thank goodness it was on his left hand. He has stitched up Isaac (two times), Abigail (one time), and Sidge (two times), and this time it was his turn to stitch up ... himself.

Here he is administering his own lidocaine. He considered not using this because it is the most painful part, but I talked him into it. I didn't want him stitching himself without any meds.

I'm assisting. And yes, Abigail, as usual, is right in on the action. We think that if there is going to be another doctor in our family, it will be Abigail. I am actually not very squeamish, but I attempt to avoid these things if I can.

The finished product. JB admitted it was very hard tying the stitches with one hand, and he doesn't think he could have done it had it been his other hand.

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