Friday, November 29, 2013

From our home to your's

JB's ten fruit pie

What a great pic of Sidge and Shane.

Shelby (on the right) is celebrating this year without her husband Lane, who is deployed. Bless the families who are celebrating away from home and bless even more those who are celebrating away from home with their additional home missing too!

Our awesome friends Shane and Linda. This is the fourth straight year we have celebrated Thanksgiving together.

With my mother-in-law's guidance, we made this table cover for the kids' table.

She also had the idea to put out these fun stickers for the kids.

We spread the wealth much better this year, so while he cooked, it was not nearly as intensely as in year's past.

Shane and Grampa K.

Shane and Linda

What would Thanksgiving be without a sword/stick fight?

Brother and sister

Josh with youngest son Joel (He's the same age as Abigail)


A hunt for dog poopy

Mother-in-law's homemade wreath

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