Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Senior Class Trip: London, England

We left for Europe on Monday, June 9 and arrived on Tuesday, June 10 with Laura Shelton, Laura Mantlo, Brandon Davidson, Drew Rash, and Tristan Zoerb. We arrived in London at 6am which was midnight our time, but we stayed awake for almost 36 hours to get used to the new time zone. We passed the lethargic day wandering around Kensington Gardens while taking a break at Starbucks and a Chinese restaurant. We also briefly saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace,Trafalgar Square, and the National Gallery before having dinner at our hotel: Bayswater Inn.

There were some crazy squirrels in Kensington Gardens.

HEre I am in fron of Kensington Palace.

A memorial to Princess Diana who had died a few years earlier.

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