Saturday, June 29, 2013

2012 in pictures

January 2012

Turkey is warm year round (as evidenced by Elijah showing off the pepper he grew in the backyard.)

But within four hours, you can be in the mountains ... and in a ton of snow!

Snow can be good and bad!

 February 2012

I take a trip (sans children) to Germany to speak at a MOPs group for a childhood friend. I document some of the Turkish reminders on my trip. I won't be living in this country for too much longer.

Here I am with Jenny at the MOPs event.

March 2012

Oh how I loved the women who "served" alongside me in Turkey. Here I am at a birthday celebration for Anu. With Briana, me, Rana, Stebbs, and Anu.

Call me Supermom. I decide to make the trip home to America by myself, with three children. So what if I didn't get a seat ... they are all sleeping!

A picture in our home just prior to saying good bye to our "stuff."

April 2012

We pack out our home in Turkey. Such mixed feelings.

May 2012

It becomes time to start saying good bye to people on Base.

First friends are the best friends. Saying good bye to William was a really stinky thing!

June 2012

We say good bye to Turkey and make our move to the Azores.

July 2012

During our first month in the Azores, an old friend from Medical School, Nicole (and her daughter Hannah) come to visit us while her husband is working in Spain.

September 2012

Grampa and Grama join us in September!

And then Aunt Connie comes to stay with us for awhile beginning in September too.

October 2012

The Base had a big Halloween trick-or-treating fun time. Sidge wanted to be a Chef and Isaac went as Clifford. 

And then Joni came to visit us in October! Yipeeee!!!

We managed a family picture in November!

And we were so excited by Shane and Linda's visit to our new home!


And then spent Christmas at home in South Florida (and even got a picture of all 5 grandkids in one shot!)


Unknown said...

Joni gets a Yippeeee! and I "stayed with you for awhile"? Really? LOL <3

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

You'll get a conclusion picture in 2013 Connie. Stay tuned!

Jenny said...

Wow, I'm a celebrity! I made your blog! Loved having you come visit me in Stuttgart. Just wish we'd had more than the 15 hours or so you got to stay. Can you believe how many major changes we've had in the past year?!