Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Ever since I moved here, I have been part of a homeschool group. We generally meet twice a month, once every other Tuesday.
Today we met at my friend Kristy's house. She talked to the kids about birds that live on our beautiful island. Then she showed them pictures on the computer. Then they went outside with binoculars and pretended they were ornithologists. Then they made bird feeders. Take a look at their great work:
Six boys and a girl! From left: Isaac, Jackson, Noah, Max, Abigail, Sidge, and Jonah.

A silly picture

Kristy also snagged a picture of me walking back home with my three little ones. Thank you Kristy for a wonderful morning on Terceira Island!

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Sarah, Dan, and Peter said...

I love seeing little peeks into what your life is like these days! Your kiddos get cuter and cuter every day!