Saturday, August 09, 2008

One of my favorite days . . .

Today may go down as one of my favorite days on the Emerald Coast. You can tell how productive it was by this picture of Scrubs, below:

That picture was Scrubs after a busy morning on the boat at Crab Island. This was the first time it has been warm enough for Scrubs to go into the water and go in he did. In fact, two other dogs were on a nearby boat and the three of them spent a good part of the morning playing together. Here are some photos of their frolicking.

Scrubs' fun didn't end with his buddies in the bay. Here are some more photos of our pup thoroughly wearing himself out.

Taking a break with me by my raft.

On his way to retrieve his Frisbee

Visiting with some party-goers on a neighboring boat. They loved Scrubs!

Of course, Scrubs wasn't the only one who had fun. Another activity of the day? Crabbing. With little to no jelly fish trouble, we could spend most of the time in the water. Rob, Sherrie, and JB took home a load of the blue crab and are cooking them as we speak. Here are some photos from their crabbing adventures.

Although he had to stay on the boat, Isaac had a wonderful time! Here he is being a very good sport about having to wear a life jacket when we were not anchored.

And here is Isaac having some fun times with his Daddy in the boat.

Here is a picture of Isaac's Mommy enjoying the last remnants of her ice cream sandwich delivered by the ice cream boat!

Here are a couple of photos of our guests thoroughly enjoying their time on the water:

On the way back to the dock after an exhausting day, Scrubs hung out in the front of the boat with his two new friends:

Right now, Rob and I are busy watching the Olympics while JB and Sherrie (who loves to cook and learn about cooking) are working on the crab for dinner. It should be awesome! Scrubs, on the other hand, has slept nearly every second since we have been home, waking only to ring his bell so he can go potty and then go back to sleep. He drank a lot of water out there today. In addition, Rob and Sherrie plan to go to the bay by our house and do a little bay fishing as well. What a fabulous (and exhausting!) weekend this has been.

Tomorrow, Rob and Sherrie plan to head back to Orlando after the men's U.S. basketball team plays. (Rob is a sports nut!) I have planned a special day for JB and me. A friend of our's from church plans to watch Scrubs and Isaac so we can have a date-day. The end to a perfect weekend!


Anonymous said...

o Wen!! How fun! Scrubs looked like he was in doggie heaven! Isaac in the life vest. How cute!!! Miss you! mom

yuan family said...

The weather looks awesome. I so wish I was there!

Anonymous said...

1. They have an ice cream boat?!
2. Scrubs is SO BIG!
3. What a fun day - hope your date day was fun too!

Anonymous said...

The crabs looked "yummy!"

Isaac is just adorable in his life vest.

TAV said...

i love crab! esp. jb-cooked crab! :)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

wow what great pics. my hubby &
F-I-L own one together. We have so wanted to do crab island. Soon...thanks for sharing your fun & pics! :)