Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The greatest man I know

I'm not sure if John Kitsteiner has ever called in sick. He's two hours into a twelve hour shift with a thrown out back that has literally brought him to tears more than once this week. I've begged him to call in and he's politely told me to stop asking. The four docs on his team simply don't not show up for work.

Despite this, when I spotted a screech owl in the guinea house last night and called JB (because you don't spot an animal of the air without letting him know) he got all four ready-for-bed kiddos dressed and drove them to the other side of the farm to see the owl. (They all saw him before he flew away except for Hannah who said that was fine because she has a stuffed owl named Hootie who looks the same.) (Hootie is pink.)

And despite being in horrible pain he insisted on going to church on Sunday since we get so few Sunday's in church together. 

I can only pray that my girls marry a man as strong of quality as their dad. He never ceases to amaze me. 

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