Saturday, February 02, 2013

Sidge's birthday party

Today we had just a small "family" birthday party for Elijah "Sidge" at our house. We did a superhero theme and invited the boys' best friends: Max & Jackson over. You realize how "little" kids need when you do a small party and your son tells you, "this was the best party ever!" He thought he got soooo many presents! We had a wonderful day.

To view all of the pictures from our day, jump over to our Facebook album here. 

I received a wonderful email from my mother-in-law. There is a part of you, as a mom, that finds it difficult to admit you can't do the "big thing" this year. You want to be the mom. I was feeling this way but was doing a good job reminding myself that this year, with everything going on in our life, a small party was okay.

And then I received an email from my (world's best) mother-in-law. Mother of six kids, she reminded me that it is okay to do simple. That it is okay to lean on others. She told me to feel only:

JOY- that #1, that special little boy is with you and so  adorable! And 2, that his personality  EXUDES JOY at the simplest things! He will be happy as a lark with anything that blesses him on his special day! He "gets" life in that simple way that the Lord wants us all to ... living in the moment-being uncomplicated ... totally SECURE!

He just LOVES LIFE!  And he loves you "to pieces". No one can be his "sun and moon, to the sky and back" mommy like you. 
So, just in case, if you are feeling a little lacking ... DON'T. You're all he needs and whatever little things other's help do to celebrate, great. But those things are extra. His pretty momma makes his world!
So, put on a pretty pair of earrings in honor of his birthday and have a wonderful day watching him turn 4!
(and give him an extra hug from me and grandpa, please :) )
Love you,

P.S. Sorry folks, but I have the best mother-in-law in the world. What a gift she gave me in just taking a few minutes to email me a few encouraging words. 

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