Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Our world

I hope this "shares" correctly. It is a Facebook video that I wanted to share on my blog. Somedays we get "bogged" down in thinking our problems are the worst problems. It's why going on mission trips helps us as much as it helps the people we are ministering to. It is remembering how blessed we are.

Click here to watch this video of first world problems read by third world people.

Today I missed my mom a lot. I missed sunny weather. I missed America. But oh how good it is to remember what a wonderful God we serve and how very big the world is!

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Anonymous said...

Our Pastor showed us that video at church a while back. We laughed at some of the video just because we understood how we sound when we say those things. Now, when we are around someone who is complaining about silly things we're quick to point out that it is a 'first world problem.' We all laugh and the point is taken. but it's good to really think of that video which puts things into perspective.