Friday, June 02, 2023


Yesterday (Thursday!) we had the opportunity to be military again. 

Back Row: Richard & Mary Kay Steele; Sam Helfrich and daughter Ariyah and son Elijah; and the Browns: Mr. and Mrs. Cindy Brown; then there is myself and JB; The Brown's other son Casey, and then Lindsay (who is married to Sam on the other side but ran over and did the photo!)

Front row: The Helfrich's other son, Isaiah, Melody Steele (the only one of their five children currently living at home), and Meghan (the Browns other daughter -- they have two more older children who weren't there); my little Hannah and Abigail and Sidge (Isaac on the mission trip.)

The ladies of the evening (Ariyah, who just graduated from West Greene), Cindy, me, Mary Kay, and Melody

Mary Kay helped organize this Azorean reunion. All four of these families were stationed in the Azores around the same time (2012-2014). We now ALL live here in East TN. Such a small world:


I loved hearing this I LOVE AMERICAN / RURAL MUSIC!


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