Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hannah at 9 months old

Hannah has definitely adjusted to the move the best of everyone. She still has crazy hair that must have a barrette in it or it will hang in her eyes terribly. She absolutely loves Abigail who lavishes her with love and attention nearly non-stop. This post is a few days overdue but due to the craziness of our life, I'm cutting myself some slack.)
  • Scaling across furniture. (Abigail had just pulled up for the first time.)
  • Standing for a few seconds without hands. (Sidge is the only one ahead of her on this.)
  • Feeding herself. (Sidge was not really doing this yet.)
  • Holds her own bottle.
  • Beginning to wean off baby food. (Doesn't seem to like it too much but definitely likes it more than big sister Abigail who barely ate it at all.)
  • Puts everything she finds into her mouth.
  • Pretty go-with-the flow. Doesn't cry very hard very often.
  • Definitely prefers to have people hanging out with her then to be left alone.
  • Terribly ticklish -- especially on the bottom of her feet. (Sidge was just like this.)
  • Sleeps through the night (from about 7pm until 6am everyday). Goes down in her bed and just laughs and giggles and plays until she gets tired. If you walk in once she is in bed (which we have to do often since she shares a room with Abigail, she just goes crazy laughing.
  • Naps 2-3 times a day. Goes down without any help and just plays until she falls asleep. Never cries when you lay her down.
  • Doing the sign for milk. Beginning to do the sign for all done. Seems to know the sign for night-night but isn't doing it.
  • Doesn't like to get her diaper changed much. She tries to do the "death roll" as my sister-in-law Elizabeth calls it. (This was very similar to how Sidge was at this age.)
  • Has very little stranger anxiety but definitely will go to a woman before she goes to a man. Seemed to like Daddy, Mommy, Grampa, Grama, and Hita evenly. (Abigail had terrible stranger anxiety by this age and turned out to be very stuck on me for a long time. Even today Abigail is pretty shy and takes a long time to warm up.)
  • Loves her siblings. Especially seems to love Abigail who plays and talks and hangs out with her and wrestles with her ALL DAY LONG.
  • Not that into Scrubby -- barely acknowledges him.
  • Still just has her two teeth on the bottom.
  • Loves to be in her stroller.
  • Is wearing 12 month or 12-18 month clothes. (I would have her in more 12-18 month clothes if our shipment ever arrives!)
  • Got in the pool for the first time the other day.
  • Likes baths but tries to stand up in it a lot. And if I put Abigail in with her, she goes so crazy with excitement that bathing them together is barely possible.
  • Is a great traveller! Loves her car seat.
Here is a look back at Hannah month by month:

And here is a look at her big brothers and sister when they were her age:

Isaac at 9 months old (January of 2009)
Elijah "Sidge" at 9 months old (September of 2009)
Abigail at 9 months old

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