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Here is Hannah with RUBY just before we handed her off to her forever home. I am incredibly excited about the home that Ruby is going to.

I became friends with Becky Connor due to our shared journey down a painful road of infertility and ultimately adoption. We both had "infertility dogs." Her's was named Annie. Mine was named Scrubs. She lost her Annie about a year before I lost my Scrubs. They even got to be with us the weekend we laid Scrubs to rest. For some reason, I felt Ruby belonged to their family from the moment I saw her. She just seemed like the Connors dog. Since they lived far away, I kind of had to pick which dog they were going to get a bit -- or at least guide them.

I plan to keep one Blog page going for each of our seven pups so that we can see what they are up to and doing. We are excited these are ALL going to families we know so that we can stay in touch with them through photos and maybe even in person. New pictures will go under these words with a date below each picture so that our family can watch these little beauties grow.

I must tell you that doing these puppies has been one of the funnest and finest things we have done on our farm. Not only has it been a financial help to the farm, but it has brought us immeasurable joy. We DO plan to do another litter in the spring and are already compiling a list of people interested. 

This was the post Becky put on Facebook today as Ruby went home: 

Meet the newest addition to the Connors family - an Australian Shepherd we have named Ruby!!! We are so in love. Her name ‭is a compromise between the two boys. We wanted to come up with something that they both liked. Joshua, of course, wanted a shortened version of a dinosaur name and RiYoon definitely did not. He likes gemstones and his birth stone is a Ruby. Well it turns out there is a dinosaur called a Rubeosaurus that’s related to Styracosaurus. So it seemed like the perfect compromise

John and his eldest son, Joshua, drove up to pick up Ruby. Here is a picture of John holding Ruby.

And here is Joshua holding Ruby.

Jonah and Joshua with their Ruby.

Becky with Ruby.

The whole family with Ruby.

Ruby: 6-11-18 -- first full day home with family

Ruby: 6-11-18 -- first full day home with family

June 16, 2018

October 2018

October 2018

October 2018

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