Sunday, May 13, 2018

Heritage Graduation

What an amazing gift our homeschool group is. While we are homeschoolers, we are sort of a school, and we so feel like we have support and a "team" behind us. Yesterday, JB and I took the kids to the Heritage Home Scholars graduation. We really wanted to see it and also show the kids what a graduation ceremony was like. The kiddos are also starting to know more of the kids. 

It was an amazing ceremony. I especially loved how the parents presented each child with their diploma. I have to admit it was pretty emotional. Thinking about this journey we have embarked on and how quickly it will be over is not an easy thing to digest.

2018 graduates. You know what I love most about this group of young people: they are the type of kids you WANT your kids to grow up and be like. These are GOOD kids who are not socially awkward. They are smart, well-spoken young people who are preparing to go off on great adventures including college, trade schools, mission work, and artistic pursuits. I love that my children can look up to these people and not see kids who are not nice people. Instead, they can see Godly men and women and know that they can grow up similarly. 

The girls love the Johnson sisters. Hanna Johnson (pictured above) teaches Abigail's gymnastics class and is also a member of Central Ballet. My Hannah loves this Hanna but she especially loves her younger sister Ellie. I remember when I was my girls' age and looking up to all the older girls my dad coached. And now my kiddos are doing the same thing. I think them seeing these beautiful Godly women is such a fantastic opportunity for them to aspire to grow up just like them. These are classy ladies who love the Lord and their families and show Christ's love in all they do. Abigail who is so shy, wanted to find Hanna and say hi, take a picture, and tell her about her puppies. She talks about Hanna all the time. 

Afterwards I caught up with some dear friends of mine. From left: Kristin, Alison, Julie, and Jenn. These ladies are part of the core team of Heritage and I really respect and love all of them.

You know what else? I love that our homeschool group does things of such high quality. This ceremony was AMAZING. It was so well done and classy. The program was awesome and afterwards, each kiddo had their own table which featured things that represented them. I love that while my kids are homeschooled, they will get to participate in the "things" that make school fun!

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