Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Ballet "Recital"

Each season, Central Ballet Theater finishes out the year by going to numerous nursing homes around the area and performing a low-key end-of-season recital. This year, Abigail was chosen to do a lift with Gabriel, the lone boy in her class. I really try not to photo or video during performances because I want to be "present" but Gabriel's dad got this video in the hallway before their performance. Check out the lift folks!

And check out her hair. Man, I'm getting gooooood ....

I want to talk briefly about this dress. Abigail had chosen another dress and due to some confusion, another girl (a good friend!) was paired with the same costume. For Abigail, things that don't go according to plan can really throw her off. (Hmmm .... wonder who she gets THAT from?!) So when we got there and realized her costume wasn't there, Abigail immediately got nervous, teared up, and became very flushed. We found some extra costumes, but none of them fit quite right. I really worked to calm her down and just trust that the Lord would help bring a costume her way that fit her right with no time to spare. And in the end? She found THIS one which I think is more beautiful than the previous one she was wearing. She loved it!