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Review: YWAM Publishing

YWAM Publishing

Heroes of HistoryYWAM Publishing offered us many different choices from their Heroes of History series of books. I was excited to be chosen to review Heroes of History - Harriet Tubman.

I love adding Christian biographies to our studies. And this isn't the first time I have reviewed for YWAM Publishing. You can read one of my previous reviews of Benjamin Franklin by clicking here. I loved doing the Franklin review and this one was as much of a joy.

This series lists its intended audience at 10+, and I think this is very spot on. The last time I reviewed for this company was nearly exactly one year ago. And at that time, my boys were not able to read the book themselves. I read it to them. But this year I was able to let them read it solo! What a difference a year makes.

Each boy would take turns reading a chapter in the book. We then downloaded the included Study Guide that goes along with each book, and they would answer the questions that went along with that chapter in the book. The Study Guide included questions for each chapter that my boys worked through. But it also included other interesting things like:
    Heroes of History by YWAM
  • Key Quotes (quotes from other famous people about the topics presented in this book)
  • More Books and Resources on the topic of Harriet Tubman
  • Chapter Questions (answers are provided as well)
  • Topic ideas for: 
    • Essay Questions
    • Creative Writing 
    • Hands-on Projects
    • Audio/Visual Projects
    • Community Projects
    • Related themes to explore
The book tells the familiar story of Tubman who died in 1913 after being born into slavery. She escaped tp Philadelphia in 1849 and then returned to Maryland to rescue her own family. One group at a time, she guided her relatives out of the state. This lead to her helping other slaves -- not only members of her family.

During the American Civil War, Harriet worked as a cook and nurse for the Union Army but graduated to scout and spy! She was actually the very first woman to lead an armed mission in the war, and she was personally responsible for helping liberate more than 700 slaves during her lifetime.

But Tubman is only one of dozens of people your child could read an autobiography on. From Abraham Lincoln to Clara Barton and George Washington Carver the list is seemingly endless. It goes on and on with wonderful options for your children. This could easily be your child's history unit for an entire year!! 

These books are simply fantastic. They read like a story and are a joy to read. We've done both out loud and self reading and have thoroughly enjoyed both ways. In addition, the corresponding Study Guides offer the unit study every homeschool parent loves. Here are a couple pictures of my boys reading and answering the questions in the Study Guide:

You can read more about this amazing company on FacebookTwitterPinterest, or their Blog.

Christian Heroes, Heroes of History & Study Guides {YWAM Publishing  Reviews}

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These are indeed fantastic. Hannah has read a number of them and used them for book reports.