Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Joni (and other musings)

This will be a bit random, but why not? I feel fairly random lately. Today we hung out at my friend Aliceson's house for a bit. It was nice to get out of our renovations and just relax. Hannah saw this rug Ms. Aliceson had and she said, "Mannnn, I wouldn't even be able to find a skittle if I lost one in this rug." This chick is so funny.

Next up, today is Joni's birthday. I captured this video of the kiddos singing and also them surmising how old she was at the end:


Joni is so special in our lives. She'd be special even if we never adopted Isaac, but his adoption has just solidified us. We are family. Forever. 

Okay, in other news, all three of my older kids are still doing gymnastics. The boys don't like it much but it is soooo good for them. Abigail, however, LOVES IT and is really improving rapidly. Here is a video of a new move she perfected this week:

Let's move on in our complete randomness, shall we? I snagged these photos for the new owner of this little guy. Stay tuned for who it is:

The pups started eating a little bit of soft food today! Three weeks old today they are. :)

Next up in the sea of randomness, my cousin Justin coaches baseball for Trinity Christian College near Chicago, Illinois. They were actually playing 45 minutes from us so I took three of the kiddos to see his game. It ended up on a substantial rain delay so we didn't see any baseball, but I did get some time to talk. I have 15 cousins on my Dad's side of the family but Justin is one that I am super close to due to life throwing us into some hard times at the same time. We are both now living a lot happier lives:


Also, one of our younger cousins, Zach, actually plays for Justin. He's a freshman! Here's a pic Abigail snagged of us:

Next up, I snagged this picture of Grampa and our good neighbor Mr. Billy the other day. Mr. Billy is helping us take down some big trees on our property to make a farm table and mantle for our house. (Mr. Billy has the big farm equipment to do it.) We LOVE Mr. Billy:

And last but not least, two pictures Grama captured of Hannah -- one before she realized she was being photographed and the other of her "stink eye" when she realized she was under the lens:

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