Friday, May 25, 2018

Performing in Town

I have been wanting to find a way for the kids to "give back" to the community. But they are little, and there are four of them, and I wanted it to be something that didn't leave me, as the mom, with my head spinning off. 

Through a series of chance meetings, I was connected with a Senior Living Center in Greeneville, and I headed up our Homeschool group going there to perform some piano, guitar, and ballet. (This idea originally came to me when we did it as guests with my friend Michelle's group in North Carolina.) 
I hope we can do this once a month for the residents and that we will get more and more kids who want to share their talents. 

Here are a quick few videos/pics:

Isaac is soooo cool and collected. He actually sat down and just randomly played songs before we got started at 10am. He is never nervous and just simply loves to sit and play.
Hannah provided "emotional support" to her big siblings. :)

Gabriel playing the guitar
Ay-La -- a beautiful ballerina
Isaac on piano
Ay-la on piano
Sidge on piano! P.S. Abigail did two songs too but I forgot to take a picture! Ugh!

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