Saturday, May 12, 2018

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

So honestly, I saw all the posts floating around Facebook about "Teacher Appreciation Week" but it never crossed my mind that I am a teacher. I mean, I was a teacher. Around 15 years ago I spent five years in the public school system teaching English and Journalism and coaching basketball and volleyball in both Kentucky and Minnesota. But that's long gone.

Yesterday, my kids surprised me with cards and flowers. I have to thank my mother-in-law. She has a gifting to bless people with the "little things." If it wasn't for her, my kids may never have a birthday cake for example. :) She remembers dates and makes people feel loved and appreciated and I soooo appreciate that.

Hannah got me flowers that she picked on the farm, and each of the other three kids made me a card:

I love Sidge's card. I love that the one thing he is thanking me for is letting him not do schoolwork when he gets overwhelmed with his assignments and instead watch Netflix shows. (Some days, when he starts losing it I just tell him to "take a break" for an hour and he comes back better than ever.) Teacher of the year here folks: 

Okay and here is Abigail's card. She is most thankful for me letting her take breaks from schoolwork to pet the puppies. Wow, I am something amazing in the classroom, huh?

And here is Isaac's. Schoolwork has never been his thing. Oh don't misunderstand me. The kid is very smart and does fine on all of his assignments. He just wishes he was playing piano or legos or reading books on roller coasters. He thinks 2.5 hours of schoolwork is an eternity. :) 

He doesn't complain about it though because Dad has threatened him with a week of "real" school where he can get up and go out and meet a pretend bus and then do schoolwork for as long as kids in "real" school do. That has resonated quite nicely. 

But here is his card. Notice he didn't thank me for being his teacher -- just his mother. This is not accidental. He chose the words carefully. Also note that he made sure to tell me this was Grandma's idea. :)

 I will treasure this memory always. Thank you Mom K. This meant a ton to me. I will always look back on these cards with smiles.


Anonymous said...

So, so sweet! love this!
Love your mom in law!
Tante Jan

TAV said...

Teachers AND moms are superheroes!