Friday, April 20, 2018

We Bought a Farm: The Big Puppy Reveal!!!

I took Arabelle to the vet today where they did an x-ray to see how many pups she is having. This is suggested so you can know if she is finished or having any problems. She is due sometime around April 27 (from the best we can guess) and after you watch this video, you will join us in knowing how many puppies we will be welcoming to our farm.

P.S. We will NOT be keeping ANY of the puppies. We are selling them and already have 3-5 spoken for. If you are interested in a puppy, please email me ( or Facebook message me ASAP! I can give you tons more information via a personal conversation. 

P.S.S. Our reason for having puppies was two-fold. The first was to recoup some of the money that buying two of these dogs for our farm cost. The second, however, was to experience this event with our children on our farm and to get to experience puppies for eight weeks. We are excited to place the dogs with families we know (we hope!) so we can continue to follow their lives in months/years to come.

We totally appreciate that there are shelter dogs who need good homes, and we will not be irresponsible breeders. We welcome different opinions on whether breeding is ethical, but we decided that good Aussies are worth it to the families that love them! If you disagree, you are welcome to that opinion.

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