Monday, April 09, 2018

We Bought a Farm: Rotational Grazing!

Isn't this amazing to see what was a VERY rocky paddock looking THIS lush and green?! Here is what we have done for it:
  • This paddock is not the result of only rotational grazing with sheep. Here is what we did for this paddock:
    • First our sheep grazed it.
    • Then our mobile chicken coop was parked here.
    • Then our pigs tore it all up.
    • Then I reseeded it with a mix of pasture seeds and clover.
    • Then our mobile chicken coop was parked here again.
  • This area was an almost dead, rocky mess. Now it is one of the most lush areas on the farm.
  • I call this Rotational Grazing Plus. 🙂
To read more about how we rotationally graze our animals, click here!

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