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Review: Creation Illustrated

Creation IllustratedCreation Illustrated sent us two of their unit studies to review. While we received access to two different studies, our family focused on a study on PINE TREES

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Pine Trees This digital product is designed for kids in grades 3-8 and it walks hand-in-hand with the Fall 2017 issue of Creation Illustrated

Because my boys were on the younger side of the spectrum, there were some parts of this Unit Study that were a little too challenging for them to do. However, it was very easy to amend the study and make it work for my kids. Therefore, I really agree that this study is set to the correct age. Kids anywhere from elementary to middle school could use this packet as a great resource and unit study. You could simply make things a little simpler (easily!) if your kids were on the younger end. 

That is one of the things that I LOVE about this type of homeschool curriculum. If you had kids anywhere from kindergarten through high school, you could study the same thing and just do different activities surrounding it. This is always wonderful for a family with many children spread across a wide spectrum.

For example, my kindergarten daughter jumped in on one assignment that required the kids to draw a pine tree. She loves art so she happily got involved. 

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Pine Trees And an example of how I amended one of the assignments that was a little too difficult? One of the sections had some questions that were too difficult for my boys to do. The resources were there to find the answers, but they just didn't have the maturity to find the answers.

So instead, I printed out the answer key and had them use the answer key and write the answers in the blank. It worked out perfectly! They got to read the question, read the answer, and work on their handwriting at the same time.

Here are a few photos I took of us working on the PINE TREES unit:

Page 2 of the Unit Study includes two sections: (1) Reading and Educational Resources on Pine Trees  (2) Education videos on Pine Trees; all of these materials have a link provided so you can jump right to it online. I love stuff that makes getting there easy. There were no books to get from the library or videos to check out. Everything was linked and ready to go. In fact, if they linked to past editions of their magazine, that link was there too!

There were many pages that were totally age appropriate for my kids -- including this one on drawing a pine tree. As I mentioned above, on many of the pages, my six-year-old, Abigail, jumped in as well and wanted to participate in the unit with "the brothers."

Here is a sample of the section that I amended. The questions were a bit too challenging, so I printed out the key and let them follow along and write the answers down from the key.

These units are priced SO affordably. They are just $6.95! This is totally worth one unit of study and a very reasonable purchase for homeschool families to make.

*****The other Unit Study that we were given access to was this one: SNOW which was from the Winter 2018 Edition of Creation Illustrated. In addition, I strongly encourage you to check out the current issue online: Spring 2018

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