Friday, April 06, 2018

We Bought a Farm: Joni visits the farm!!!

Joni has been in for a visit! Oh how we love when she is here. 
Here are some photos she snagged of life around the farm during her time here. 

Our geese have created three nests right next to each other. We can't get an exact count because they don't get off their nest now, but there are at least 30 eggs beneath them! Yikes. That's a lot of geese. We set them up in a more "permanent" paddock while they are nesting. (We are using the pool to help them get some extra shade since the place they picked has no coverage.)

The Daddy goose keeps an eye out for trouble. There is one other girl who didn't nest. She just hangs out with him. 

This tree is actually on the property bordering our's.

When you collect 99 eggs in one day, you need a BIG bucket! (We've had to actually switch to two buckets to prevent cracking due to the weight of so many eggs!)

Ritter has not proven himself off leash yet. Arabelle has the run of the farm, but when we are near animals, Ritter goes on leash!

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