Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Recital Pictures

We had our third annual piano recital. I compiled a post showing videos from each year the kids participated. (Abigail started a year later than the boys.) Here you go. It's so crazy to watch the kids grow (physically and in their piano!) We've also been so honored to have Joni here with every single year.

Abigail in 2017:

Abigail in 2018:

Sidge 2016: 

Sidge 2017: 

Sidge 2018:

Isaac 2016:

Isaac 2017: 

Isaac 2018 (includes two songs -- his and his duet with Grama Joni): 

Wendi 2017: 

Wendi 2018 (played duet with Isaac)

Pictures from 2017:

Pictures from 2018: 

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