Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday Funnies

Me: "Hannah, do you know where Jesus lives?"
Hannah: "In heaven."
Me: "Where else?"
Hannah: "In your heart."
Me: "Does he live in your heart."
Hannah: "No."
Me: "Would you like him to? You can ask him."
Hannah paused an looked a little freaked out. Then she slowly said: 
Hannah: "No, I think I'd like him to just stay in heaven."


Hannah: "Mom, my body hurts in my bender."
Me: "Your what?"
Hannah: "Where it bends. See?" (She proceeds to bend at the waist to touch the floor.)
Me: "Oh yes, I wonder what happened?"
Hannah: "I'm not sure, but I can't clean up any more toys today."
Me: "Aaaaahhhh ...."

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