Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tribe Life Tuesday: Tribe Life Lens (Part I)

A weekly post from my childhood to grown-up friend Carrie ~ 
sharing her awesome life and her desire to have community while doing it!

Through the lens of a few that I tribe with:

"To me, Tribe Life is living out the description of true, authentic love. It's the kind of life that proves that if you can't dive down deep enough to get tangled up in another person's messy, raw, and intimate issues — then your pool is just too shallow. Tribe Life is accepting one another, for the good and the bad. It's the confidence to know that you will always have someone standing right beside you on the highest mountaintops of life and they will still be there, deep down in the darkness of valleys. It's the assurance of acceptance, no matter how ugly or unpolished. It's a covenant between you and your tribe, to walk through this life — together, no matter what comes your way. We were made for healthy community. We were made for genuine love. We were made for true, authentic Tribe Life."  ~Amy

"Tribe life is the life that you do and live with those God strategically placed in your path, and you in theirs. My tribe is whoever I can be myself with. The people who accept every part of me, the good, and sometimes, unfortunately, the bad and the ugly. My tribe is who makes my spirit and soul come alive. My tribe is my breath of fresh air. Tribe Life means having a community, a guardrail of accountability, and just an overall sense of belonging. I believe you can be born in a tribe and/or find your tribe, and I also believe we belong to people and tribes across the nation who we've never even met before. We all have a tribe, and we all have people, we just have to trust God that we will cross paths with them when the time is right and purposeful. And when we do, we are to do what we can to protect those relationships." ~Rochelle

"#tribelife always makes me think of a tent; it’s a tent or covering of friendship. But it's not a place for acquaintances, it's a place for friends that can go deep, share tough things and know they are still welcomed into that covering of relationship. A covering that isn't earned, you're welcomed just by being authentic and trustworthy. It's in that tribe that a person knows they don't go through life alone, because their tribe is in it for the long haul." ~Leslie

"Tribe Life is the idea that life is better when it’s done together. Community enhances every facet of the human experience, from the sharing in each other’s joys to leaning on one another during the lows. Tribe Life champions honesty, accountability, transparency, and authenticity. But, more than that, Tribe Life is an invitation. Tribe Life welcomes you in and says 'There’s room for you here'."  ~Sarah

"Tribe life is a connection of people purposely joined together. The bond between the tribe is effortlessly made. Whether it is born into like family, or a friend who you knew would be in your life forever after a few times of meeting, tribe is a connection that cannot be shaken. You feel what the other feels, sometimes without words even being exchanged. Your tribe life is transparent and strong even in times of weakness... it is honest and bold, continuously making you a better you." ~Ashley

Now that you’ve heard from some of my tribe, let me ask you this: What is Tribe Life to you?

Comment below or Facebook message me @Carrie Alford! I would love to hear from you!

See you next Tuesday! 
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