Monday, March 09, 2015

Daughter Date

I was taking Isaac to his Sunday evening Science Lego Class. Sidge normally goes too, but he was a bit worn out from our vacation and decided to hang at home with Daddy. That left just me and Isaac. But what to do during the 90 minute class? How about take Abigail out for a date!?

I realized while we were eating our dinner at PF Changs that I don't know if I have ever gone anywhere with just Abigail since we moved to Tennessee. Okay so one time I took her to her speech assessment. But that's it! Sometimes, when you have a lot of children, you lose out on that 1-on-1 time. It really needs to be a priority. We ... had ... a ... blast!

Abigail is such a fun, spirited, joy of a little girl! I am so incredibly blessed to be her Mommy.

She loves eating with chopsticks. She had no interest in a fork.

A "selfie" which I am not very good at taking.

Abigail informed me that "Daddy was wrong. It is not a dragon. It is a horse." (Apparently he was trying to tell her what the restaurant would be like before we got there.)

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TAV said...

Chopsticks-- impressive!!