Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Funnies

There are only three times that I ever "miss" TV. The first is when the Olympics are on. The second is when big tennis tournaments are on. And the third is during March Madness. In honor of March Madness, I thought I would flash back to March 2013. We don't have cable now so I am not able to watch the games like I could when we had a Base TV, but you can tell by this Friday Funny that I watched a lot of games! Sidge was 4 years old when this conversation took place.

Sidge: "Are we gonna watch a movie Mommy?"
Me: "No."
Sidge: "What are you watching?"
Me: "I'm just seeing if there is basketball is on."
Sidge: "You've always been doing that."
Me: "I know. It's March Madness. I like basketball."
Sidge: "Why?"
Me: "I just like to watch basketball."
Isaac: "Do you like to play basketball?"
Me: "I used to."
Isaac: "Why don't you play basketball anymore?"
Me: "Ummm ... cuz I'm a mommy now, I guess."


While we are into flashbacks, let's pop back to October of 2013 and check out another one of my favorite conversations:

Me: "Where does God live?"
Sidge: "In heaven."
Me: "Where else?"
Sidge: "In our hearts."
Me: "Right!"
Sidge: "Where is my heart."
Me: "It's right there." [points to it on his chest]
Sidge: "Is that what we check for with our telescope?"
Me: "You mean stethoscope?"
Sidge: "Yeah. And if it's not beating, then, we're dead?"

And a year prior, when the boys were just three and had just learned how to go to the bathroom, the following conversation took place in our home:

Isaac came out of the bathroom and informed me that, "I went pee pee while Sidge was going poopy."
Me: "How is that possible?"
Isaac: "Well, while Sidge is sitting down, there's a little room in the front."

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