Monday, March 30, 2015

We Bought a Farm: How to eat organic on a budget

We have been working, more and more, on transitioning our family to a completely "organic" diet.

JB really doesn't like the word "organic." He doesn't think it properly signifies what exactly it is we are doing. Organic can mean different things to different people and an organic label doesn't always mean you are getting what you think you are getting.

It is for this reason, that my husband and a few other men started a business venture called We still aren't sure if it will take off completely. We sure hope it does. The idea behind it is that you can find people IN your area that are growing and raising food the way YOU want to eat it. They are not labeled as organic or not-organic. Instead you can find out exactly how they raise their beef or their vegetables. It is an effort to put people in touch with their food.

But eating organic (in a general sense) is not only difficult but very expensive. I found a great article I wanted to share that will give you some good tips for eating organic on a budget. Click here to read more.

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McKenzie B. said...

What a great idea! Hopefully some producers near us (Oregon city, or) sign up! So far it looks like no one has but I'm sure there are a bunch of great ones nearby, they can just be hard to find. I'm glad they're taking time to put this together :)