Thursday, March 05, 2015

From Grama K

I have the greatest mother-in-law in the whole world. (Okay, so maybe my husband has the greatest mother-in-law and mine is second best.) Just kidding. Either way, I wanted to share a poem my mother-in-law, Mary, wrote and sent me in a card a few months back. She has a great gift of encouragement:

Motherhood comes with
many high points
But alas, there are some "lows."

There are time when
You'll be full of Joy
But you'll also have your
fair share of "whoa's"!

You'll say "Stop the fighting --
Stop the sass --
Stop the teasing, "How long will this last?"

From daw to dusk and inbetween
you'll be pecked and prodded --
nearly picked clean!

But at the end of the day
When you've collapsed on your bed
You'll count yourself blessed --
Just shocked you're not dead!

Your kindness and patience are second to none
With both of your girls and your two fine sons!

You know hot to multitask
and fine tune your plans
You've made motherhood look easy
To the average man.

But trust me on this
'cuz we know the truth
Youa re one "special Mommy"
Your kids are your proof.

All kidding aside
We find you excel
At being a mom--
And we're proud to tell

Anyone and everyone
We see each day
That you are a "Super mom"
in every way!

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, Mary!! And so true. It gave me chills as I was reading it. Joan