Sunday, March 08, 2015

Hannah at 18 months old

“Wild moon woman you were not made to be tame. You are an earthquake shaking loose everything that is not your soul. 
Shake, woman, shake.” 
Elyse Morgan

Our Hannah Joy. You are so independent. So fiercely determined. So much your own woman. We have decided that you are the equivalent of three Isaac's at the same age. You keep us on our toes. Never stop moving. Never stop investigating. Never stop exasperating us and making us laugh at the same time. We are so in love with your spirit. You are going to rock this world for sure!

This is my girl!

Here is Hannah at Disney World. It was POURING rain. She didn't seem to care at all. Instead, she made milk water in her tray table!

Here is Hannah meeting Minnie Mouse. She doesn't have much interest in characters or TV, but she has seemed to latch on a bit to Mickey and Minnie. She also LOVES her big siblings. She says their names and gives them hugs whenever she can!

Here is a picture of Hannah with our whole family. Since it is hard to see, I have blown up her expression in the picture below ....

THIS is the face that Hannah gives any stranger or anyone who talks to her without her permission. It is not that she is afraid of strangers. She is very friendly. But if you are speaking to her and she is not in the mood for it, she has started using this face. It makes strangers laugh out loud. Quite a fun experience to get these brows frowned at you!
So, at 18 months old, our Hannah is: 
  • Currently not eating from any utensils. This is mainly due to mother laziness.
  • Saying a TON of words. She will repeat any word she hears. Is calling her siblings: Isaac, Sidgey and Ab-uh. She calls the dog woof-woof. Will try nearly any word and is starting to say Daddy go which is her first two word combo.
  • Not watching much (if any) TV. Occasionally we will put on a Baby Einstein with babies in it. (She loves to looks at babies.) But she does love Mickey and Minnie. Doesn't really sit and watch them, but when she sees them on the computer or in a book she says, "Minnie" quite excitedly. 
  • Just getting into books and starting to bring them to us and want to sit and read them. She will often sit on her own and looks at books. Or, if I tell the olders to get a book and sit down and read, she will do it too. 
  • Recently very interested in Scrubs. (She was very excited to see him after our trip and gave him tons of pets.)
  • Recognizing faces in pictures. Especially recognizes her brothers and sister and parents and her Grama Di. 
  • Not a great eater. Still loves milk, but she is quite particular about what she is in the mood to eat. Mostly prefers fruit and carbs.
  • Not signing very much because she can say most any word she tries. 
  • Aware of where most of her major body parts are. 
  • A fan of dancing with Daddy and Mommy. Wants them to hold her. She then grabs onto our thumb and lets us Waltz around the room with her in our arms. 
  • A great hugger. She will also say "Na!" when asked for a kiss -- leaning your head in for a kiss on the forehead. In the morning, when Daddy is giving good bye kisses, she quite adamantly says "Na!" so that he doesn't forget her. 
  • A lover of shoes! Loves to put them on and play with them. 
  • A wiggler when being held. Wants down and wants to do things her own way! The most strong-willed (by FAR!) of all four of our kiddos. 
  • Only taking one nap a day -- but it is a long one. (Usually about three hours.) 
  • Sleeping about 12 hours at  night. 

And here are some links to what her brothers and sisters were doing at the same age:
Isaac at 18 months old (Was talking at a pretty comparable rate to his little sister!)
Elijah "Sidge" at 18 months old (Was a major TV lover unlike his sister!)
Abigail at 18 months old (Was already using a spoon but wasn't talking nearly as much!)

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