Tuesday, March 17, 2015

We bought a farm: Another visit

We just returned from a three day visit to the farm. Yet again, we towed behind our vehicle a little trailer filled with more stuff. Slowly bur surely we are moving our life from one part of Tennessee to another, and we couldn't be happier about doing it. Each time we arrive, we find ourselves breathing deeper. Smiling bigger. JB and I took a short walk together on the land, and hand-in-hand we both admitted that we have zero regrets about this purchase. We are one hundred percent confident that this was the place God had picked out for us all along.

We had carpet cleaners come up and clean the carpets in the kids' bedrooms. We had our propane tank filled. We had a plumber come out and look at a known leak in the garage. We figured out where we had to drive our garbage and recyclables (no pick up in these them parts). We watched as a man rode by on horseback down the road outside the front of our house. I found a local YMCA who has agreed to let me work-out (for free!) when we return to the farm for a week around Easter which greatly excited me. (They are the only place anywhere near us that has an indoor pool, and I have to stay on top of my work-outs for my May 9th triathlon.) We also put together two bookshelves I had found on www.shopgoodwill.com. (If you haven't ever visited this site -- do it!) We are turning our formal dining room into a little school room, and it the first room to really come together!

Mom took a walk over to what we think will someday be their forever home -- a little old farmhouse that will require gadzooks of work before it is ready. She has been giddy with excitement to see what flowers and trees we have on the property come spring. Her favorite flower of all is a daffodil and wouldn't you know it, right outside her house ... daffodils! And to top it off, Red, the dog Dad and Mom agreed to take ownership of with the farm, who has been a bit skiddish on our previous visits, bonded with Mom this trip.

Two sweet little gifts that caused her happiness and therefore us as well.

I also found a very cool little 1/4 mile track on our land that I can run (although I have to wear my hiking/running shoes). It's bumpy and requires sharp attention for holes and divots, but I maneuvered it well and managed a 2 mile run. Scrubs ran along with me the entire time. He is truly in dog-heaven at the farm. He runs and tromps like he has been waiting for hills like this his entire life.

We are back home now.

Although truth be told, it doesn't feel like home.

Our home is on that farm.

Two more months until it is forever!


AW said...

I am SO thrilled for you! :-)

Anonymous said...

It sounds so peaceful and unhurried! I think I'm packing my bags!! love you! mom

Constance said...

Wishing you all love, peace and beauty in your new home. Sounds wonderful!!