Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Missing Turkey

I miss Turkey.

Not the country. Just the place. But not really the place. Maybe the people?

The thing is, if I went back to Turkey now, and entered the Base, it wouldn't feel anything like it did when I was there. It would be totally different.

That's because the people that were there aren't there anymore (at least most of them.)

Things have changed.

And I've realized, that's the nature of military life. We come and go and move and are expected to slide right into a "normal" life again.
  • Rana, my Turkish friend, moved to, of all places, Minnesota -- countries away from her family.
  • My friend Stebbs is in Baltimore living in the suburbs. Her husband works long hours at the Pentagon.
  • My friend Angelica is in Japan living on Base. Her husband is deployed until April.
  • Linda is in Germany living off-Base.
  • Sarahbee is in a new town in the Dakotas where there isn't even a Base to speak of.
  • Patty is still in Turkey, preparing to relocate to Tampa.
Everoyone is now "moved on" and trying to find their "new place." (And there are many more great people I am not listing.)

This is my third military move, and I've realized that I don't know if I am made for this life. People are coming and going so fast. Things are changing so fast. I'm only here for about 18 more months! How do you make a life for yourself knowing it's going to all change again soon?

I've met some wonderful people here. But I still feel like so many will leave. So many new ones will come in. And, this Base is closing the Summer of 2014 (or downsizing so significantly it will be totally different.) That's going to change everything as well!

How do you "lifers" do this? How do you keep saying hello and good bye all over again?


Trish said...

Wendy, you are right.. It is hard no doubt, but look at what you gain... You have friends in d.c., Germany, Tampa and Japan... Your roots may not be deep but they are solid and wide... The bonds you make in the short term stay with you for,the long term...

MtnGirl said...

I was a military child and I never detected any homesickness or frustration about the frequent moves from my mother. When we moved moved, we met new friends while keeping some of the old ones. We would stay in touch with each through writing letters (gasp!) there was no facebook, no email, nothing....When we got to see old friends, it was a fabulous reunion like we had never been apart. Plus, when we moved to a new place, it was like a new adventure - explore the area and make friends. I actually wish I had married into the military because it is it's own little world which is tight knit and strong.

kimlbarnard said...

We too will be moving soon...to Lajes. While doing some research about the island, (really all I did was some googling..lol) but I found your blog and I read all your posts from about the time you were leaving Turkey. I wanted to experience the transition with you guys while you moved, so I would kind of know what to expect when we move. I didn't intend to keep following your blog, but I feel like I already have a friend on the island. You have been a sweet encouragement to me even from such a distance, and I hope to meet you once we arrive this summer.
Prayers and Blessings,
Kim Barnard
Panama City FL

Megs said...

Hi Wendy- I am a friend of Steve and Lisa Cronkite and felt compelled to reply to thus post, bc I am a military wife as well. None of it is easy- we have had three moves stateside bc of medical issues with our kids. Each place has brought it's own adjustment and learning to redefine myself. Even something as simple as my workout routine gets a new twist wherever we go! I have to re,y a lot on faith, and also the understanding to live in the present. For awhile I resented this, but now realize what a neat gift we as military wives have- to focus on the present because we have no idea what the year may bring! I know our base chapel has a support group for spouses who have recently moved to be area- that may be so etching to look into. I have also found great comfort in the book "faith deployed".
Best if luck- congrats on your pregnancy, and I hope the nausea soon goes away...

Megs said...

Can you tell I am not used to writing on an iPad?lol Cronk is the last name:)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Thank you Megs. I so appreciate it. Gonna look up that book.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Mtn Grl, your mother sounds like a saint.

Patty PB said...

Oh Wendi,
I miss you so much too!!
But don't come back here... you don't really want to. LOL!!
I'm so glad there is facebook, and blogs, and email, and skype!
This will be my 3 move as well...I keep thinking it's such a sad life we lead...but really, it's a happy one. We get to know some of the BEST people on EARTH, while others get to stay where they were born for the rest of their lives. It all has its pro's and con's, but in the end, I think I wouldn't want it any other way. (And I know neither do you...we are adventurers! ;)
Plus, there is something about meeting someone, becoming friends, and the feeling you get when you or them leave, that says you'll DEFINITELY see that person again. Even if you never do, the feeling is there. And it's such a wonderful feeling to live with!
Love and miss you tons!