Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Review: Learning Dynamics

We have three young emerging readers in our homeschool community. We decided to try Learning Dynamics and their Learning Dynamics Reading Program with the two oldest of these kiddos.
In the video above, you can hear all about this fantastic program which comes with strong accolades from both my cousin Hannah and myself.

You can also learn more about this fantastic program by clicking on one of the links below:

"The Learning Dynamics books have been a joy to use. My son is so excited to read the stories. They don't overwhelm him and they make him feel he is reading successfully. They are helping him feel he is reading successfully. They are helping him sound out words ... and having each story focus on the same sounds again and again in a variety of words help tremendously with that! The combination of words and pictures that create the stories, especially in the earlier books which have few words, is great too -- they aren't just random sentences with random pictures; they work together to make a little story. Right now he is is reading through a stack of the books and doesn't want to stop even though I said he could be done. He's so excited to reach the next color level." -- Hannah Kotynski, mom and homeschool parent

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