Saturday, February 16, 2019

Some Images of our Lives

 "Love the life you live. Live the life you love.Bob Marley 

It's been super busy around these parts but super, super FULL. Here are some photos that share what's been going on in these parts: 

We affectionately call these three kiddos "the littles." Hannah (5), Genevieve (5) , and Eoin (5). They are technically in pre-k, pre-k, and kindergarten respectively.

Hannah put this outfit together for Valentine's Day.

This was Dill's daughter which we have named DIAMOND. All of the sheep on born in this "batch" will be named after a mineral. We really thought Dill was having multiples but that was because this baby was really, really tall!!!

Oh do I love eggs. We are getting around 60 a day now (and also getting 5-7 duck eggs as well!) I love what a perfect food they are. I love selling them to people who love what they are getting. I love eating them. I just love eggs. (The only thing that would make them a perfect food would be if Isaac weren't allergic to them and Abigail liked them.)
Our little artist! (Pretty sure she's got her dad's drawing gene.)
I love this picture of my cousin's wife, Hannah. Hannah is really this beautiful of a person. You can simply see her niceness all over her.

Here's "the littles" performing for the older kids during our homeschool day on Friday. I just LOVE homeschooling together!!

Abigail did a cartwheel on the balance beam for the firs time this week!

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