Monday, February 11, 2019

Hannah (Tooth #1)

 "Dear Tooth Fairy, 
My tooth fell out 
It's no longer there. 
I give it to you 
to handle with care.

Last week there were two main Hannah things Hannah had discovered: 

1) The first was that she discovered this pair of pink overalls that Abigail never wanted to wear, and she decided she wanted to wear them all the time.

2) The second thing she discovered? She had a lose tooth.

So here is a video of me discussing the overalls and teeth with Hannah

And here is Hannah after she had lost her tooth! It was so exciting. I love this picture, and I also love how blonde her hair looks in this photo. When did that happen!?

P.S. I started this Blog keeping track of all the kids' lost teeth. But the truth is, I lost count. They were falling out so fast between the oldest three that I just didn't keep up. I am pretty sure Sidge lost four in one week recently. But I'm gonna try to keep up with my little Hannah for as long as I can!


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