Friday, January 11, 2019

My story in print!!!!!

 "The topic of infertility isn't your typical girlfriend conversation. It's personal, private, and painful. That's why many women who experience infertility feel isolated and alone.

My excitement about this book above canNOT be put into words. This book is what I have hoped for and dreamed of since I first heard the word "infertility" in a doctor's office in Rochester, Minnesota. 

Even more amazing is how many women I know who have written inside this book. One of them is a lady many of you know through this blog: Joni! Her infertility story is one of unimaginable pain and joy that truly did not come the next morning. In fact, it was Joni who introduced me to Crystal Bowman -- a famous children's author -- who was the force behind this book coming to be.

Another friend, LaShea, details her story for the first time publicly -- a story that never ends up with the miracle baby inside her womb but instead the children God always intended to be her's. 

I am asking ALL OF YOU to please take a moment AND BUY THIS BOOK. In fact, consider buying TWO. One to keep. One to share!!!

You can buy a book by clicking here!

And here's some more about this powerful book:
At last—there’s a book that offers all of that and more. Mothers in Waiting—Healing and Hope for Those with Empty Arms, is a collection of 30 stories from women ages 30-65. Every woman in this book has a story to tell. Besides sharing her experience with infertility, each contributor also shares the emotional and physical struggles she endured during her painful journey to motherhood. But the writers do not leave us without hope. They also share where they found strength and courage to rise above disappointment and heartache. And most importantly, the women share a Scripture verse that carried them though and brought them to a place of trusting a God who loves them and has a plan for their lives. The variety of contributors and stories allows the book to reach a very broad audience. As one woman wrote: infertility encompasses so much more than not being able to conceive. The book includes stories of miscarriage, infant loss, adoption, IVF procedures, foster care, and more. The goal of the book is to let women know they are not alone in their painful journey to become a mom. The contributors walk alongside each reader with sympathy and understanding, as well as offering hope from God’s Word. 


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