Thursday, September 27, 2018

TF Homeschool: So Happy

I absolutely love homeschooling with our two families. I cannot even put into words how much I am enjoying being a homeschool mom this year. I plan to write about this more, but schooling is fun for us this year. I really think that doing this with our friends and having an "incentive" to finish our work (if you get this done you get some time off to play cars or do gymnastics with your cousins) has really  made these days a ton of fun. We love it.

Here are some pictures from our Wednesday homeschooling day. Grama came over and with our great big giant squash tough the three older girls how to make bread! Here are some photos from that:

Studying Georgia O'Keefe over the last few weeks has been really fun. We are doing this with the program Yellow Spot and just having a wonderful time. Yesterday we did a CityScapes activity. Check out some of our work:

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