Thursday, September 06, 2018

Hannah: Celebrating turning five!

On September 4, our little Hannah Joy Pomegranate Kitsteiner turned FIVE. We couldn't get away on Tuesday so we spent today doing her "birthday outing." She asked to go to the aquarium and Build-a-bear and she wanted to get her ears pierced. Here are some pictures of our day: 

Sidge posing outside the aquarium with his favorite animal: a bald eagle made out of recycled metal. 

Big sister Abigail in an aquarium bubble.

All four kiddos in the bubble. 

The girls decided to try and do backhands in the tunnel leading to the penguins. Just as they did, another little boy decided to crawl underneath them. 

There he goes!

After that we headed off to Build-a-Bear!

Final product! After this, we headed to lunch at a German restaurant in Pigeon Forge and then ....

... Next up, earrings. Abigail got her ears pierced at four. She just decided she wanted to do it and stuck to it and even though she was scared, went for it. Hannah did the same thing. She said she was ready and kept bringing it up. I honestly TRIED to dissuade her. I told her it was going to hurt really bad and said she should wait. But she was determined. 

In the chair and ready to go. No big surprise, the chick didn't even cry. (Hannah rarely cries from pain!) The lady at the counter said she did incredibly well for her age.

She wanted white because she wanted it to match everything.

She took this picture herself in the car!

And here is a video that Abigail took in the car of Hannah showing off her earrings. 

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