Sunday, September 09, 2018

A Hannah Experiment

Hannah notices the tiniest details of anything I change about myself. If I wear a different pair of glasses, get a new shirt, do my makeup differently, or, as in the case below, paint my toe nails a different color.

I always have blue toes. I decided to, on a whim, right before we left for Hannah's ballet class (which Abigail is dressed for too because she helps with it) paint my toenails pink and see which kid noticed first. It was a no-brainer that it would be Hannah and sure enough, it was:

Hannah makes us laugh soooo hard. Here are a few recent conversations:

Me: "I love your new earrings. They look so beautiful.'
Hannah: "Thanks."
Me: "But do you know what the prettiest part of you is?"
Hannah: "My heart. But look at my heart (lifts her shirt up). It really isn't that beautiful at all."


Hannah, Eoin, and Genevieve were playing "house" outside when Genevieve came in saying that Hannah would not let her be the mom. I went outside.
Me: "Hannah is it true you won't let Genevieve be the mom?"
Hannah: "Mom it seriously doesn't make sense for her to be the mom. I am older and taller."
Me: "I don't care. You need to give her a chance to be the mom."
Hannah: "Okay. Well Genevieve and Eoin, why don't we not play house and play bikes then instead?"

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