Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Mama Bear Apologetics

This book is Uh-maz-ing.

I truly think that every mother and grandmother NEEDS to read it.

If you would like to "attend" our lectures on this topic, please send me an email at: flakymn@hotmail.com. I would happy to send you a link to me discussing/reading this book with my class.

This is a class I do 2-3 times a week with 8 middle/high schoolers. This includes my two sons (8th grade), my nieces (10th and 8th grade), and four other friends of ours: Micah, Malachi, Sara, and Walker.

Truly, what I am attempting to do as a mother -- or as a "Mama Bear" is teach my children how to think.One of the major ways to help them learn how to think is to "chew and spit." Can they chew up things that the world throws them and take the good and spit out the bad? How can I help them do it?

While this book is geared toward mothers/parents/educators, I am reading it TO my children and trying to help them with what the world is throwing at them. This post-modernist world has decided that truth no longer exists. How can they ROAR to prevent their thoughts from being taken over. I am learning to ROAR myself and trying to teach them to ROAR themselves.

My children and I should learn to: 

Recognize the Message

Offer discernment

Argue for a healthier approach

Reinforce with discipleship, discipline, and prayer. 

So for example, one of the recent chapters discussed Skepticism, and one of the most interesting parts in this chapter is the education I received on Old Atheists vs. New Atheists. Old Atheists would debate with you: 

A. There is a God (pro)

B. There is no God (con)

But take a look at what New Atheists debate:

A. There is not enough evidence to convince me God is real (con)

B. There is a God (pro)

You can see that these two are NOT debatable. New Atheists have a "general beginning" of September 11, 2001. Prior to that, most of the discussions by atheists were just "God isn't real." But now, that isn't what they are are arguing, and thus, attempts to argue with them do not work. 

However, this book delved DEEPLY into how much research there is ON the historical evidence of the Bible. Did you know that there are over 24,000 accurate documents proving the accuracy/dating of the Bible. The Illiad is the next one and it has just over 100! And yet, people want to hold The Bible to some incredible measurement of historical accuracy unlike anything else that they would measure. 

Today we started in on the chapter on Post-Modernism. This is incredibly interesting. Most people think that we are actually in a 3rd stage of Post-Modernism. The idea behind this is: "The truth is, there is no truth." This leads to no rules for society. 

Right now these crazy rules include: there are no definitive males or females (who would have though this could be an argument?) and abortion is okay. In fact we are even saying that it is okay for a parent to allow children to take medicines to affect them going through puberty. 

But who is to say that years from now this won't stretch beyond this? Why is murder wrong? Isn't it wrong to condemn young children to sexual therapy that changes their genders during puberty? But if we continue to say to people, "Abortion is okay, for you, but for me, it's wrong," then we won't get anywhere. 

What IS the truth?

What I am trying to instill in my children is that the Bible is not about flannel graphs and cute Bible stories. The Bible is about THE truth of the world. 

I loved this video from Rich Maurer who is an atheist. He says here: If we truly believe that there is an afterlife, what kind of person would  not want to share that?

That's what I believe. I believe our children's SOULS are at stake. The souls of people we come into contact with everyday are at stake. THIS IS IMPORTANT. THIS is what students now look like on College campuses. We are afraid to say anything isn't right. If a 20-year-old man wants to be in the first grade because he feels like a first-grader, who is to stop him? And why can we say our sex feels different but not our height? Or are race?

Other than living in "peace", I really have no other dreams for my children. I don't care if they get married. I don't care if they have children. I don't care where they live. I care that they spend eternity with me and Jesus. Period. 

That's a MONUMENTAL thing to carry as a parent.

And we better take it seriously.


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