Monday, February 27, 2023

Continuing On


I've thought about quitting this Blog. It's been going since 2005. I hate to see me drop it. The biggest issue has been, well, life. You would think I would be busier when the kids are little. But in fact, I feel like it is harder to find time to sit and write and blog since the kids have gotten older. 

They've also become opinionated about what I post. If I don't like it to Facebook, they don't seem to care as much, but in general, they don't want me to share embarrassing stories. And I get that. And I want to respect that.

Mrs. Ruth Kross attended Isaac's play this past weekend. I think I've shared about her before on my Blog, but our connections go WAY back. She knew my dad in high school. And she taught both JB and myself history in our middle school years. We were very connected through South Florida and the Christian school we attended. She has three boys, and her youngest son, Dan, was just one year younger than me and in class with JB's brother, Ray. 

Anyways, Ruth moved to Tennessee long before I did -- one of the early South Florida exit-ers. And when we moved here, she saw that I moved here and connected with us.

Anways, this is really a digression ...

But I share this to say that when she attended Isaac's play on Sunday, she inspired me to keep the Blog going. She told me to just post whatever it was we were doing, what I was reading, share the life I lead. It's an interesting life. It's a good life. It's a crazy life. And I'll be glad to remember all the memories, later.

So that's what I intend to keep doing. Small bits. Small snips. Life. Even if it has to be edited a bit.

Stay tuned!

(Thank you Mrs. Ruth!)

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