Friday, October 16, 2020

We Bought a Farm: Some successes and failures in the farm...

Persimmons: success
Best year for harvesting persimmons so far. Persimmon jam. Persimmon bread. Persimmon fruit leather (like fruit roll ups). And we just got a batch of persimmon wine going this morning!

Swiss Chard: success
Our Swiss Chard has been going strong. We’ve been able to blanch and freeze some, and we’ve still got a lot growing well.

Winter Squash Trials: BIG fail!
We planted out lots of varieties of Winter Squash and Pumpkins this year. But between the late Summer heat and poor irrigation on our part, we got one squash... that’s right... one. Lol! (It's pictured above.) We’ve grown Winter Squash in the past with decent success, but we majorly dropped the ball on this one. But we’ve learned a few things and will try again next year. 
Muscadine Mead: success
We made this about 10 months ago. It’s pretty darn good and quite drinkable now. But we bottled it today, and will put most of it into long term storage. We will test a bottle ever 6 months or so. 

Home Guerrilla Gardening: success
From time to time we will spread old vegetable seeds on a bare spot of soil and cover it with old hay. Sometimes nothing comes up, and sometimes it does. This is how we end up with random patches of tomatoes or squash or turnips. Not a bad way to utilize old seeds.

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